Thursday, November 8, 2012

There's Something About Fall...

There is something about fall that always makes me if I am looking back over the years and remembering all the great parts and people of my life before the cold of winter and the fresh start of the coming spring. It makes me homesick, too...I think of my parents and my siblings. Of the people that have come and gone in my life, and in this world. I think of many wonderful memories and smells, and just all of the things I am grateful for as they have made me who I am. And, I do my very best to express that gratitude and love by sending messages to those I hold near and dear to my heart. Here is a card I made for my parents and sent off today...with a special recipe my Mom has been looking forward to. :)
Speaking of Mom and recipes, it reminds me that I am homesick for the kind of homestyle cooking my parents make! I love eating at their house when we go home! Swiss steaks, mashed potatoes, carrots, Mom's homemade gravy. Yum! And don't even get me started on Dad's hamburgers or stuffing....Christmas and Thanksgiving meals are always the best!!
But, then, it is also the time of year when everything looks and tastes so good, but EVERYTHING seems to have dairy in it. Sometimes I am convinced when I look at a cheesecake or a piece of pie with icecream (or fruit salad with whipped cream, or cake, or macaroni and cheese-the list goes on and on) that god hates me. I do not know why I am forced to have such a love-hate relationship with cows! They are so tasty, and yet I am allergic to the milk they produce. So sad. But, I have found some good alternative recipes. If you have any I would love to hear about it! (Especially the yummy ones!)

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