Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Oh My How Time Gets Away...

Hello! I cannot believe it has been so long! I have been preparing to post pictures of my latest excursions to show what I've been up to since I clearly have not been sitting inside on my blog, but instead have been out enjoying the world. There are many exciting changes coming up, all of which I am excited to share with you as they come to light. Some of the excitement includes: the start of a community garden plot and my first rodeo! The plants inside are going crazy, too, and my Honey Bear is teaching me how to propogate them all. (In case you haven't yet noticed, I am minorly obsessed with plants!) So, with that said, you will also get to see many of my plant creations. :) There always seems to be so many fun things to do, yet so little time! And, another blog hop is on my list of things I would love to do in the upcoming weeks as well. I'll have more cards to add to the gallery soon, too! So...please hang in there and I will be back! Have a lovely day!! :)

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