Monday, April 23, 2012

Hooded Towels, Halloween, and More 2011...

Here are some more projects I have completed in the last year or so...

This first one is a hooded towel with a monogram:

This is the first hooded towel I made, before the monogram. They are super easy! I am planning to make one for my niece, too, but have not found colors I like much...need to go towel shopping again and see if any new ones are out for spring/summer! Oh! And if you peek behind the door you can see part of my creation station! :)

This is a towel I made for a student who moved:

Another one for a special student who moved:

And a close up. (It's a butterfly):

This is a table runner I made for fall. It has "pieced" pumpkins, like the stamped cat card for Halloween in my card gallery here:

here is a close up of the detail on the pumpkins:

And another:

Bottom edge of the table runner:

Pumpkin my Honey and I carved together for Halloween (free hand):

Christmas table runner:

Close up:

Mom's Birthday gift bracelet. Her favorite colors are yellow and blue. :)

Earrings for Mom's birthday:

The little box I sent them in:

Iron on for my stocking! I made one for everyone else and decided I should have one, too. Oh! And that is my Honey in the background, baking... He is an amazing cook. I told him I wanted homemade french bread for Christmas, so that is what I have in my stocking! Yum!! :)

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