Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello! Happy Halloween! I hope you are all having a great day and that the festivities have put a smile on your face. I know they have put one on mine! Here is a picture of the card I made for my sister with the Martha Stewart spider web punch that I promised you last week:
And here is a close up. It was not at all what I had in mind, but I did include the spider web punch...with rainbow stripes. I know she will love that part. :)
These last ones are of the costume I made:
It was much cuter when I first put it on, however, the $3 Walmart t-shirt was unable to hold up to the safety pins, so here it is slouching and with holes in my shirt! Still turned out cute, though. I made the costume from a table cloth and black t-shirt. It cost a total of $3 plus tax at the Goodwill. I am definitely proud of it! :)
And here is that smile I told you about!
(Oh! And of course I had to do my nails lady bug style, too!!)
Hope your day was a wonderfully festive one! Thank you for visiting! Crystal

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