Friday, January 18, 2013

Summer Recap-Oh, How I Miss The Sunshine!

Here is the first, of what will be many, posts about my outdoor adventures! We love to be outside when the weather is nice, and enjoy as many backpacking, hiking, running, biking, and fishing trips as we possibly can each Spring and Summer. Here are some photos from our 2012 adventures!
Here is a picture on a mountain biking day when we were hunting for huckleberries, planning for the fall....
Here is a picture of the first evening we stayed near the ocean. I am saying hello to the ocean after a long time away.
Another picture of me and the ocean....
And a picture of where the river meets the ocean.
This last one is a picture of an eagle being tormented by a little bird. We saw tons of eagles on this backpacking trip! I love them!! :)

Thanks for visiting! I will post more tomorrow! Happy Saturday!! :) Time to craft....

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